This book is an English translation of as-Sirat an-Nabawiyyah; a scholarly and thoroughly researched Arabic work of Shaykh Abul-Hasan Ali Nadwi (May Allahs Mercy be upon him). In this book, the author has been particularly mindful of the current generation's mindset, taste, understanding and sensibilities. Similarly, he has been entirely considerate of the modern method of research and discourse, so that the content, evidences and style prove to be effective. In preparing the book, the author has read old and new literature, in Arabic and other languages; so that the book, in addition to being comprehensive, is also able to dispel any confusion that exists in the modern mind. As a result, this book has received much acclaim, and within a short space of time it has been included in the syllabus of universities. Now, the English version of this book is in your hands, so that English speakers may also benefit.

Life of Prophet Muhammad

Chapter 1 Age of Ignorance
Chapter 2 Selection of Arabia for the Prophet
Chapter 3 Arabian Peninsula
Chapter 4 Mecca Before the Prophet
Chapter 5 Mecca the Prophet_s Birthplace
Chapter 6 From Birth to Prophethood
Chapter 7 Dawn of Prophethood
Chapter 8 Yathrib before Islam
Chapter 9 In Medina
Chapter 10 Decisive Battle of Badr
Chapter 11 Battle of Uhud
Chapter 12 Battle of the Trench
Chapter 13 Action against Bani Qurayza
Chapter 14 Truce of Hudaybia
Chapter 15 Letters to the Monarchs
Chapter 16 Expedition of Khyber
Chapter 17 Expedition of Mu_tah.mp3
Chapter 18 Conquest of Mecca
Chapter 19 _ 20 Battles of Hunayn _ Taif
Chapter 21 Expedition ofTabuk
Chapter 22 The year of Deputations
Chapter 23 The Farewell Pilgrimage
Chapter 24 The Eternal Rest
Chapter 25 The Wives _ Children of the Prophet
Chapter 26 Character _ features of the Prophet
Chapter 27 Mercy to the World